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Jamie Lee Trio rallies Vancouver scene at Winter Jazz

Jamie Lee of Jamie Lee Trio opens up about going to therapy, before performing an online concert.

Jamie Lee Trio interview produced with the Women in Jazz Association of British Columbia

The Jamie Lee Trio performed on Saturday, February 20 as part of Winter Jazz, the online festival presented by Coastal Jazz and Granville Island. Their performance broadcasted out of Performance Works in Vancouver.

Drummer Jamie Lee’s 2020 debut album Introspective established her as a leading light for Generation Z in Vancouver jazz. The trio features bassist Marcus Abramzik and pianist James Dekker.

Before the performance, Lee—the youngest bandleader featured in Winter Jazz—sat down for an interview with Jessica Heaven for the Sister Jazz Blog.

In the interview, she spoke honestly about challenges she has faced, including realizations she has earned from therapy sessions:

“We need to take time to grieve our loss, whether it’s a person, a job, the time to go outside and have fun with friends […] I definitely learned how to take time for myself and reflect on things that I lost, but in a healthy way.”

-Jamie Lee to Jessica Heaven of Women in Jazz Assoc. of BC

Watch the full interview below:

The performance

Within Winter Jazz, Lee’s afternoon set followed Friday night’s performance by DJ Kookum, Sierra Baker, and Missy D. When Rhythm Changes reached Lee for remarks after the performance, she wrote:

“I loved the production quality and how professional and accommodating all the staff were. Definitely felt scared playing a gig again in after a long time, but everyone there was so kind and encouraging—and it allowed us to focus solely on music.

I loved the zoom interaction part too. I didn’t know what to expect when they explained how it was gonna go over the email, but wow, it was so much better than I ever expected. It really felt intimate and interactive to see audiences on the screen. I could see people clapping, laughing at my awkward banter, dancing along with the songs, etc. It was such a great experience, I definitely wanna do more of it! So lucky to be a part of this awesome series.”

-Jamie Lee to Rhythm Changes

The Jamie Lee Trio played two sets, and local radio host Tim Reinert was the MC. The sets featured an equal balance of tracks from Introspective and new compositions by Lee or by Abramzik.

A high of 70 free ticketholders were in the Side Door-hosted Zoom event, not counting the accounts of Coastal Jazz staff. At the end of the second set, 57 ticketholders were participating.

Set lists

All music written by Jamie Lee unless otherwise specified.

Set 1

  1. “Trust Issues”
  2. “Don’t Complicate”
  3. “Overclock”
  4. “Not Everything Has a Reason”
  5. “Dance”
  6. “Marie” (Abramzik)
  7. “G, I’m a Phatty” (Abramzik)
  8. “Pyraminx”
  9. “Curly”

Set 2

  1. “Into the Green”
  2. “Sarajida”
  3. “Tracy, Tracy, Tracy” (Abramzik)
  4. “Striped Sox”
  5. “Bits and Pieces”
  6. “Farewell”

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By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a Canadian bassist, composer, entrepreneur, and writer. As jazz artist William Chernoff, he released his first album Aim to Stay in 2020.