Which Vancouver festivals do you think will cancel?

The arts are getting crushed while churches and sports bars re-open in BC.

Janet Smith reported in Stir that the Vancouver Folk Music Festival cancelled their 2021 dates this week.

The festival said via their mailing list that the dates of Friday, July 16th to Sunday, July 18th are off. They also asked their ticket-holders for financial support in the form of donating their ticket price.

The biggest challenge for large events right now, more than mere money, is booking artists and crews many months in advance despite the uncertain status of health orders. Most summer festivals book their artists before the spring, but it’s unclear what they can commit to now with those artists for 2021.

Online shows, on top of avoiding the physical gatherings, are easier to book in shorter time frames and at more affordable scales.

Watching who keeps their events on the calendar will preoccupy festival fans and artists in the next few months. In jazz, for example, the Vancouver Jazz Festival and the Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival still have dates committed.

What do you think: which festivals, if any, will go ahead this summer in Metro Vancouver?

Or if you’ve been following news in this province about the re-openings of religious services: are the arts getting crushed while churches and sports bars re-open?

My answers: few, and yes.

By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a Canadian bassist, composer, entrepreneur, and writer. As jazz artist William Chernoff, he released his first album Aim to Stay in 2020.

2 replies on “Which Vancouver festivals do you think will cancel?”

While I agree that performing arts are getting crushed , local churches are not fairing much better. While the powers that be have loosened restrictions currently only for a very short period of time 2 weeks to be exact with such stringent conditions that make it close to impossible to hold services. My hope is that despite inequitable restrictions we will not fall prey to division but rather unite to forge ahead , supporting one another.

I’d have to agree that, given the current circumstances, few will happen. Yes the performing arts is getting crushed due mainly to unique circumstances. Not only does the organizer have to consider distancing for attendees but also can’t get performers due to travel restrictions. All the church has to do is accommodate distancing protocols and the local attendees and ‘performers’ aren’t constrained by travel restrictions.
I do feel for the performing arts performers. Hopefully restrictions will loosen so that the performers can enjoy their passion and we the audience can enjoy ours; watching and listening!

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