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Tissa Rahim – “Missing Love”

“Missing Love” puts Vancouver-based R&B vocalist in the spotlight with no features or collaborations.

“Missing Love” by Tissa Rahim dropped on Friday, September 25, 2020, and it points toward a 4-track EP by Rahim.

Correction: The original article said that Harvey Paris is a co-writer on the song, but he is actually a co-writer on two other upcoming songs by Tissa Rahim.

Check out the music video, which dropped on the same date and was shot at Barnet Marine Park:

Listen to Tissa Rahim

I caught up with Rahim on the phone at the end of August 2020. Then, we talked about “Missing Love”.

She was in the middle of a family gathering to celebrate the birthday of one of her dogs. So, she revealed about her parents’ attitude, “They need to treat all their grandkids!”

Not only did Rahim engage charmingly with the full house that night before the pandemic accelerated in Canada, but she had travelled Europe in late 2019. Additionally, in her non-music career—public health—she had completed a contract with the BC Centre for Disease Control.

“Missing Love” puts Rahim in the spotlight with no features or collaborations, so it contrasts with her two previous singles of 2020. The song is credited to Rahim, but also three co-writers:

  1. Braeden “Pockets” Rangno is a producer, so he handled most of the song’s production
  2. Andrew Tarves is a songwriter but he’s best known as the artist Young Friend
  3. Paul Robinson is a UK expat, and he is also an artist under the name Kruso.

Song origins

Rahim recalls looking out the window of a bus (“I couldn’t get a car anywhere because I couldn’t drive stick”) and being a long trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. She got a notification about the demo of “Missing Love” from Rangno, and she immediately got excited.

Tarves had made the demo — however, Rangno took the initiative in crafting the song for Rahim from that point forward.

So, I asked about Robinson, and according to Rahim his main contribution as co-writer was adding lyrics and editing the flow of lyrics.

Musicians and production

  • Alvin Brendan is a guitarist, and he’s perhaps the most prolific young jazz-trained session player in Metro Vancouver as we enter the 2020s
  • Niall Harvey (keyboard) is known as Harvey Paris, who collaborates with Rangno in a project called Salsahall Collective
  • Derek DiFilippo (bass), a key member of the Guilt & Co. session musician collective alongside Jonny Tobin and other pros
  • Tim Proznick (drums), a multi-genre veteran musician and producer

Rahim talks about a progressive release technique where the artist drops one track at a time, but, in doing so, curates the distribution such that it looks like building an album track by track.

Expect her 4-song EP to come out this way with consistent cover art, but with new tracks every couple weeks. Also, expect a staggered track list that begins with “Missing Love”.

Rahim worked in the past with Jeff Zipp at the studio Light Machine Records, but this time she’s with Rangno at Rain City Recorders.

The gig: Tissa Rahim, Alvin Brendan, Derek DiFilippo

Rahim performed live with Brendan on guitar and DiFilippo on bass at the 2nd Floor Gastown on August 29, 2020, and they played two sets. Accordingly, the venue played canned music between their sets straight off of a vinyl record player.

Set 1

  1. “Better Off Alone” (Ruben Naranjo Cueto / Tissa Rahim)
  2. “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” (Etta James / Leroy Kirkland / Pearl Woods)
  3. “Our Day Will Come” (Bob Hilliard, Mort Garson)
  4. “Won’t Come Through” (Tissa Rahim)
  5. “Makhlough” (Googoosh)
  6. “Playboy Tendencies – Radio Edit” (Tissa Rahim)
  7. “Late Nights & Heartbreak” (Kanan Keeney)
  8. “Me, Myself and I” (Beyonce Knowles, Robert Waller, Scott Storch)
  9. “Put Your Records On” (Corinne Bailey Rae, John Beck, Steve Chrisanthou)

Set 2

  1. “Missing Love” (B. Rangno, A. Tarves, P. Robinson, T. Rahim)
  2. “Let’s Stay Together” (Al Green, Willie Mitchell, Al Jackson, Jr.)
  3. “That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On” (Del Serino, Roy Alfred)
  4. “Let Me In” (Tissa Rahim)
  5. “Make Me Feel” (J. Michaels, J. Tranter, J. Monae, M. Larsson, R. Fredriksson)
  6. “Googoosh” (Tissa Rahim)
  7. a Farsi song I didn’t identify, but forgive me, because I at least have a quote from Rahim about it – “it was my staple road trip music along with Queen. My parents had good taste in music!”
  8. “Treat Me Like I’m All Yours” (Sasha Keable)
  9. “I Heard Love Is Blind” (Amy Winehouse)

The covers from this gig include songs performed by Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Adele, and Amy Winehouse, giving a strong indication of Rahim’s influences.

Rahim titled her own song after the singer Googoosh, whom she also covered: “I started off by sampling one of her songs, but now that’s just the beginning.”

She wants to perform more music in Farsi: “Persian lyrics are always fun to translate into English, because we’re always dramatic,” she says and laughs.

A four-note jazz influenced motif carries the melody of “Missing Love”, so, obviously I dig that a lot.

Rahim is an artist leading her community into a bright future. So, she delights in showcasing her cultural influences along the way.

Choose your streaming platform here and listen to “Missing Love” by Tissa Rahim.

By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a jazz musician, podcaster, YouTuber, and writer. He records and performs under his own name, William Chernoff.