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Will’s Rundown: January 15, 2021

“Roller Nights” – Francis Henson; O Sole Mio! by Cory Weeds; “SorryBae” – Bains; “Crossed Out” – Angus Maude & Daniel Lin

“Roller Nights” – Francis Henson

Rhythm Changes obtained the upcoming album from Francis Henson, Boy Pacific, in advance of its release at the end of this month. This song is the first single from the album. “Roller Nights”, a John Mayer-influenced folk pop track, showed up as a one-minute video clip in August 2019. Since then, I’ve been hooked.

I wrote up Henson as a session musician back in October 2020 (Sam Dowdell “Distraction”). This is what I wrote about him:

He’s both a blues guitar devotee and an up-and-coming Canadian answer to Theo Katzman.

This song doesn’t have much blues, but it has the Katzman / Vulfed-out acoustic pop vibe. If you like Henson’s 2020 album With a Little Bit of Grace, you’ll find all that goodness and more here.

Can’t wait for you to hear it as of Sunday. Visit to learn more.

Out now

O Sole Mio! by Cory Weeds

Cory Weeds (playing alto saxophone here) with a B3 organ was the soundtrack to my first-ever live Vancouver jazz experience, so always excited to see him release some soul jazz!

This album has been covered in Canadian media quite well, so not much to add here. It’s cool that, other than “Whims of Chambers”, all the tunes seem to be written by Italians (and they re-titled “Whims of Chambers” into the Italian language).

Cory Weeds continues to be the central Canadian jazz entrepreneur and to refine and improve his own music every year along the way.

The session players on this album are some of the world’s best jazz musicians, play together as a group regularly, and have all appeared in Vancouver via Weeds’ work in recent years:

  • Eric Alexander (tenor saxophone)
  • Mike LeDonne (organ)
  • Peter Bernstein (guitar)
  • Joe Farnsworth (drums)

“SorryBae” – BAINS.

I found out about rapper and singer-songwriter Pritpaul Bains through the Vancouver-based podcast by Kyle Bhawan called Postedup Network, where he gave a fun exclusive interview to Kyle.

Bains got featured on a song by Vancouver’s biggest hip-hop export, bbno$, in 2018. He then released two singles for Owake Records, the label known for another local hip-hop success: the duo called So Loki.

Indeed, Geoffrey Millar—one half of So Loki—is a co-writer on both those singles, “I’m Up” and “Alone”. “SorryBae” is also an Owake Records single. This time, Bains is the sole songwriter, though Millar is a co-producer.

“SorryBae”, a breakup song with a spaced-out guitar sample, is more interesting than either of those two initial singles. I’ll be following the Bains story from here on.

“Crossed Out” – Angus Maude & Daniel Lin

It’s perhaps the most North Vancouver thing ever to have a law firm write a marketing blog post about incorporating your new record label, Nyhla Records. But if you mix that with a relentless artistic drive to be yourself, and an always-honest indie pop sound, you get Angus Maude.

The apartment in this music video is the home of Maude and Daniel Lin. They shot the video when they started living there with Maude’s brother.

Several of Maude’s songs are downtempo and quite sad, but this one has him sounding much more confident. I appreciate the energy. Is it odd for me to write that about another breakup song?

Enjoy the video, I did!

By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a jazz musician, podcaster, YouTuber, and writer. He records and performs under his own name, William Chernoff.