Rhythm Changes Podcast season 1 out now

We’ve released season one of a new podcast. Check out our first group of guests and follow the feed in your app of choice. More coming soon!

We’ve released season 1 of the Rhythm Changes Podcast!

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We first announced the podcast here when we had most of the guests booked. But we’re happy to have had a few more jump in as we got ready to launch!

The guests featured to-date are:

Thank you for being generous with your time!

Future plans

The next episode comes out this week—follow the podcast feed to get it automatically when it drops.

This launch has made me think a lot about how Rhythm Changes turns one year old soon. Its birthday is on July 1st, and it started on that day in 2020.

The website will get better as more people write on it and as you see less from me, relative to them. That’s because it’s a local site that will be a great hub for the music scene as it rebuilds.

As of now, I’ve written about two-thirds of all the articles here. You can expect that to fall below half by the end of the year.

I’ll be the host of the podcast every episode, though. You can count on hearing my voice there often. So it’s a way for me to cross over into other media and get Rhythm Changes out into the community more.

Then, we can invite more Vancouver, BC, and Western Canadian people back here to our home—and into other things like live in-person events and streaming video when we can pull it off.

Other new things like the podcast that you can expect from Rhythm Changes include YouTube (still in the works) and different newsletters to enjoy depending on what particular scene and genre you’re in.

Thanks for being here and hope you enjoy!

By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a Canadian bassist, composer, entrepreneur, and writer. As jazz artist William Chernoff, he released his first album Aim to Stay in 2020.