Jazzfest Pass 2021: Vancouver jazz festival

We’re launching Jazzfest Pass 2021, the unofficial daily newsletter of the 2021 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

The situation

Two years ago, 200,000 people went to jazz gigs downtown during the festival.

If you’re in the Vancouver jazz community and enjoy emails that make you smile…

Maybe you’re a musician, have friends who are musicians, or are familiar with the people and places in Vancouver jazz…

Some of us have grown up together, performed for each other, and learned about music and life together. These folks have a sense of belonging in Vancouver and give us entertainment.

Rhythm Changes approaches its one-year anniversary next month. I’m applying what I’ve learned and am teaming up with Chris Fraser for a new offering.

What to do

There is no equivalent to hanging out all day at Granville Island or David Lam Park, watching shows and socializing.

We all will benefit from taking in Coastal Jazz’s own online communications around the festival. For example, you can find the schedules on their website or their own newsletter.

Now, can we bring even more audience-members into the action on top of that? Some of them might be more distracted this year than usual.

In past years, Chris and I had certain friends who were attending every gig, rallying more friends, and being fun sources of information.

These people make a community worth belonging to.

As we beat back the pandemic, the Vancouver jazz community is entertaining, active, and full of novel ideas once again. We’ll get together again.

So, we’re providing an unofficial daily content hub of the festival in newsletter form.

Not up to date yet on the gigs? Find the Gig Guide that Chris Fraser and I made here, to get a sense of all the gigs taking place over the next two weeks.

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By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a Canadian bassist, composer, entrepreneur, and writer. As jazz artist William Chernoff, he released his first album Aim to Stay in 2020.