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Ilhan Saferali – Jazz Through Adolescence [S.1, EP.2]

Ilhan Saferali on the Rhythm Changes Podcast

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Ilhan Saferali talks with me about coming-of-age in the Vancouver jazz community.


Rhythm Changes Podcast topics

photo by Bill Yao

  • What was the Memorial Jazz Space?
  • The social factors that supported Ilhan’s development as a jazz musician
  • His friends, like bassist Raph Agustin and drummer Julian Ferrer
  • Forming a jazz group that can fit onto a bill with Club Sofa
  • How the most active young jazz musicians collaborate across schools now, instead of staying within their own school program (and how places like the Douglas College Summer Jazz Intensive and Phil Dwyer‘s jazz camp have facilitates this)
  • Taking piano lessons with Brad Turner
  • Why he plays piano in university over trumpet
  • Visualizing music with the piano keyboard, which Ilhan developed under the teaching of pianist Jean-Michel Pilc
  • I expected Ilhan to hang out in a bunch of games or newer social platforms, but he emphasizes Facebook (thanks to his friend David Hodgson
  • Thoughts on being young and hearing your technique change rapidly
  • Recording anxiety, the tendency for young artists to delay their first record, and what musical maturity means
  • Finding ways every day to wind down from intense music life

“I love the camaraderie of jazz music”

-Ilhan Saferali
  • Doing album cover art for Brad Turner Quartet with Seamus Blake on Cellar
  • Dealing with ego
  • Moving to Montreal (fuelling Ilhan’s coffee culture passion)
  • What happens in your day-to-day community, like your own high school or family, when you gain focus and start spending so much time on your musical development
  • I try a take on the Patrick O’Shaughnessy question, but funniest instead of kindest (Ilhan mentions Daniel Verdecchia, Ben Boardman, and Caity Gyorgy)

Top highlight

My top moment was when Ilhan started riffing on his friends at the end and how fun of a time he’s had recording with them lately. Stick around for that!

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