Good Information debuts with “Fringes”

The latest single from Edmonton-based quartet Good Information combines post-bop and psychedelic chill-hop aesthetics in a satisfying way.

The latest release, “Fringes”, from Edmonton-based quartet Good Information paints their hometown in a romantic light.

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“Fringes” is a marriage of contemporary post-bop and the more recent sounds of psychedelic chill-hop. Think Chris Potter Underground meets Khruangbin. It’s is a lush tone-painting that evokes the image of industrialized Edmonton at sundown.

Much like the vast prairies in which the city is situated, Good Information lays out a broad plane of colourful and rich open chord voicings that are perforated by tight syncopation and deep grooves.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about this track. I am reminded of a familiar youthful, over-tired energy derived from hopping from show to show in the city, exerting oneself socially and physically, and needing some sort of catharsis at the end of the night. Usually this could be achieved by eating a cheap slice of pizza, sprinting until you fall down, or just listening to/playing the right tune to suit the moment.

The strong sense of ensemble coming from this track is likely the product of the band having performed it at virtually all of their shows since it was first conceived in 2018. It’s one of those songs that morphs and erodes with time. This release is just a snapshot of the tune in 2021—I’m excited to see what it turns into three, five, ten years from now.

By Chris Fraser

Chris Fraser is a guitarist and teacher in Vancouver’s jazz scene. He has a B.Mus from Capilano University and earned a BC Arts Council grant to study in New York with Peter Bernstein. Learn more about him here.

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