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Francis Henson – Boy Pacific [S.1, EP.3]

Francis Henson on the Rhythm Changes Podcast

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Francis Henson and I unpack the journey of creating his third solo album Boy Pacific, which he released in January 2021.

The music

Rhythm Changes has reviewed this album.


Rhythm Changes Podcast topics

photo by Steph Townsend

  • The meaning of Francis’ phrase “how to be earnest, but also slick”
  • How he feels about jazz now
  • Getting hit in the gut vs. in the mind

“I’d so much rather someone come up to me and say […] that song you played, it really made me feel a lot better”

-Francis Henson
  • When he starts writing a song, how much of the final sound he has in mind already
  • The differences between making a record by yourself and doing it with many collaborators?
  • The difference between “DIY” and “independent” musicians
  • The production whiteboard at 12TH ST Sound with Anthony Cenerini for making the album
  • Tracking the live horn arrangements with Dean Thiessen, Thomas Houlden, Luis Melgar, and Evan Taylor
  • Which venues would suit the album
  • Significance of the lyric, “Someday I’m gonna be someone” in the song “New Kid” and the year 2015 as a track title
  • Francis’ first-ever band in 2012 that won a student music video contest, wrote originals, and covered songs
  • Francis and I discuss our experiences of having a regular duo partner with whom we made music in high school (for him, Taryn McMaster)
  • Collaborating with his brother
  • How he’s come into your own way of managing the different jobs?
  • A mistake that Francis would want other artists to avoid

Top highlight

My top moment comes at the end as Francis reveals his love of Gordon Ramsay. Stick around for that!

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