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Deanna Drudge – Killing Time [EP.12]

Deanna Drudge on the Rhythm Changes Podcast

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Deanna Drudge unpacks her new album titled Killing Time.

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  • Why Deanna moved to BC from the Greater Toronto Area
  • How she started playing at the Epidemic Music Group Open Stage with Kevin Ker in Stouffville, ON
  • Recording at Kevin’s home studio
  • What she found hardest about releasing the album while working a full-time job
  • The song that came into the studio still unfinished
  • The case for independent artists having the hardest job in the professional community
  • Being a low-confidence kid
  • The Lights track that impacted Deanna in her early twenties
  • How many songs she wrote before she felt like she had written a good one
  • The first classic rock band that captivated her
  • Her perspective on working with visual artists and planning the next project
  • Finding a band of musicians to work with Deanna
  • Her previous band, Pigeon
  • Why Deanna values the space and stripped-down characteristics of a song

“If i just pictured this person with a guitar singing […] does the song still hold itself?

-Deanna Drudge
  • The difference between the composition and the recording
  • What success means for Deanna on this album
  • Her first gig in Vancouver, summer 2021
  • What makes a great house concert
  • The questions that small artists are asking ourselves these days
  • How Deanna feels about screen time, admin work, and the outdoors

Top highlight

My top moment was when I asked Deanna about participating in a Guinness World Record. Stick around for that!

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