General information

You can send all correspondence for Rhythm Changes to Will Chernoff’s email, will at rhythmchanges dot ca.

We aim to serve Metro Vancouver’s music community first, so almost all of our work focuses on that region.

What can I send?

You’re welcome to send any feedback or suggestions for Rhythm Changes, as well as material in the following categories:

  • Music submissions
  • Pitches to publish your writing
  • Tips for news and stories

Also, we always want to hear from you if:

  • someone has asked directly for your payment in exchange for adding music to a Spotify playlist, which violates Spotify’s Terms section 9.13 (this is not the same as payment for consideration of your music on Submithub/Humanhuman/etc., which is okay)
  • someone you know has purchased artificial streams or video views in bulk, which is fraud
  • you quit your subscription to a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music—cool, tell us more about what you’re up to!

More info by category


When sending your upcoming music, please consider these guidelines:

Most important music guidelines

  • Submit only unreleased music with a connection to Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, or western Canada, in order of preference. We may run out of editorial room for non-local music at any given time.
  • Include the upcoming release date, the title of the release, and any press material you have.
  • Include a link to stream or download the audio, and a link to the cover image for the release.

More music guidelines

  • About four weeks of lead time is best for an album. Two weeks is good for a less than full-length release. But you’re welcome to reach out at any time, and we’ll see if it can work!
  • Please don’t send any email attachments.
  • If we interview you, we will speak online in English via Zoom, Signal, or Telegram. Please tell us about any accessibility needs.
  • The only social media account for Rhythm Changes is Will Chernoff @chernoffmusic on Twitter. You might find other writers on other platforms through their own accounts.

Pitching your writing

We enjoy reading your reporting or opinion pieces and considering them for publication. The focus for these articles is even more local than our music—please make sure it’s about the Metro Vancouver region.

  • Send completed drafts only, as text in the body of your email, and a 200-character bio for your byline.
  • Don’t submit politically partisan work, or someone else’s writing.
  • Disclose any relevant conflicts of interest.

News tips

Tips should be newsworthy to Metro Vancouver. For sensitive stories and information, we recommend that you get Signal on your phone and contact us there. Keep in mind that no communication method is 100% anonymous.

We don’t accept postal mail at this time–but we’re working on it!