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Chin Injeti – Golden [EP.8]

Chin Injeti on the Rhythm Changes Podcast

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Chin Injeti takes a break in-studio to join me on the occasion of his new single “Golden (feat. Thieves Like Us)”.

The music


Rhythm Changes Podcast topics

photo by Shane Gallagher

  • Chin’s favourite singer in the world and some other favourite performers
  • His favourite tracks on Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder
  • What makes a great bassline (keep the time, respect the space of the arrangement)
  • The instrumentation of “Golden” and where Chin was when writing it
  • What makes a great musical partner (for Chin, DJ Khalil)

“We’re constantly talking about what we love and why we love it”

– Chin Injeti
  • Chin’s 2015 TedX Vancouver talk
  • Spending the early-2020 pandemic months with family
  • Creating constantly without much variance
  • Chin’s popularity among my producer friends and how they want to see his process
  • Turning off analytical thinking and focusing on the feelings: “write drunk, edit sober”, living in the moment
  • Working with Teon Gibbs and Iamtheliving
  • The origin of the artist name Thieves Like Us with Brian West, aka Sweet Westy
  • What people are paying for when they hire producers: it’s like hiring a stylist
  • How Chin has shifted away from thinking about genres and crossovers but thinks it’s still worthwhile for the media to categorize music
  • I try the Patrick O’Shaughnessy question

Top highlight

My top moment was when Chin answered whether or not he thinks he’s an old soul. Stick around for that!

Find our guest on Instagram @chinstogram.

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