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Rhythm Changes is a local hub for the Vancouver, British Columbia music community.

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“Highly recommended” – Matt Fripp, founder of Jazzfuel

“Very cool review!” Coastal Jazz & Blues Society, producers of the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival

“Well written, fun and professional”Jesse Daniel Smith, independent artist streamed over 30MM times

“We’re really enjoying your blog” – Francesca Fung, co-founder of Music Arts Collective

Really great questions […] you’re so good!” – Chin Injeti, Grammy and Juno Award-winning songwriter, musician, and producer

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What we do

Our mission

Our mission is to make music more fun and prosperous.


Talking with a friend about music is one of our favourite experiences. We make a place where you get to know people. Read their words, listen to their voices, and see them online or in-person.


Information goes on top of entertainment. We’re like your favourite local music people who go to every show and tell you about the next one.


We spend our time and money in our music community, and give you a way to invest alongside us—building wealth here.


The ultimate purpose of music is belonging. Participate and know that you’re part of something lively.